My name is John White, an ordained Southern Baptist lay-preacher. I am the pastor of Elm Street Baptist Church in Woodward, Oklahoma. I want to thank you for finding my website. Just click on one of the articles or sermons above, open it, and read or listen to it. I pray that these articles and/or messages may be edifying to you. I welcome your comments on any of the articles or sermons; please email those comments to me at the address shown below. If you decide to email me, please put the word Revival in the subject line so I'll know you're not trying to sell me a vacation home.


You can also reach me by "snail mail" at       2928 Edgewood Dr., Woodward, OK 73801

My phone number is 903-360-8524 

I would love to hear from you.

May you enjoy God's richest blessings while in His service. 





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